Monday, December 22, 2014

CBS Go Live at ADIAKKAMANGALAM SO under TIRUVARUR HO on 22.12.2014

Inaugurated by Shri.M.RAMAMOORTHY, District Officer, Fire & Rescue, Tiruvarur & Nagapattinam Districts

in the Presence of Shri.L.ADAIKALARAJ, DSP., Tiruvarur
                              Shri.G.KUMARESAN, Inspector of Police, Tiruvarur
                              Shri.NIJAMUDEEN, President, Adiakkamangalam Panchayath
                              Shri. VURUHANUDEEN, Ex-President, Adiakkamangalam Panchayath
                              Shri. BASHEERUDEEN, President, JAMATH
                              Shri. G.SIVAPRAKASAM., SPOs., Nagapattinam
                              Shri.S.ARULDOSS, ASP., Tiruvarur
                              Shri.V.MANOHARAN, ASP., Nagapattinam


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Consolidated Instructions on Suspension

DoPT issued Consolidated Instructions on Suspension for the benefit of Ministries / Departments.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shyamala Gopinath Committee for KVP

The Shyamala Gopinath Comrnittee constituted on Small Savings Schemes has submitted its report to the Government. Major recommendations of the committee were:- (i) to reduce/abolish agent's commission except Manila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana (MPKBY) agents to restrict management cost (ii) secondary market yields on Central Government Securities of comparable maturities should be the benchmarks for the interest on various small savings instruments and should be reset every 1s1 April (iii) Committee recommended to reduce minimum share for States from 80% to 50% against net collection and recommended that amount received on redemption of Central/State Governments securities should be reinvested between Centre and States in the ratio of 50:50.

After detailed deliberation and in light of views received from State Governments, various Departments of Central Government and Agent's Association, most of the recommendations of the Committee are being implemented.

In view of developments observed by the Committee in 2011 on AML/CFT front the KVP was recommended to be discontinued by the Committee. KVP has been re-notified by the Government on 23-9-2014. Under the re-notified KVP the investor has to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) modalities at Post Office or Bank

Kendriya Vidyala - 2015 Holidays

CIC recommends ordinary postal stamp as RTI fee instrument

New Delhi: People seeking information under RTI Act may now be able to use postal stamps as application fee if a recommendation of the Central Information Commission is accepted by the Centre.
Two Information Commissioners in two separate cases-- R K Jain and Raghubir Singh-- have made a common recommendation to the Department of Personnel and Training for implementing postal stamps as a mode of payment of RTI fee thus reducing hassles of applicants.
RTI users now have to pay a fee of Rs 10 either in cash, bank demand draft or Indian Postal Order to get information.
Some authorities like Army and Indian air force refuse to accept applications drawn in favour of Accounts Officer despite clear directives of the Department of Personnel and Training causing hassles to applicants.
"The appellant has submitted that the postal department's recommendation for use of ordinary postal stamps for payment of RTI fee is both practical and user friendly. The Commission finds merit in the appellant's submissions and would urge the DoPT to consider this at the earliest.
"In this connection it is noted that the government of Tamil Nadu has already allowed payment of RTI fee by affixing court fee stamps, Information Commissioner Basant Seth said in the matter of activist R K Jain.
Agreeing with Seth, Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu also issued an exhaustive order on the issue recommending to DoPT to avail the opportunity of giving New Year Gift to the citizens by permitting and publicising the use of ordinary postal stamps for the payment of RTI fee.
"Accepting postal stamps for RTI fee would resolve many difficulties in payment, besides preventing wastage of public money in returning or rejecting the IPOs or spending much larger amounts than Rs 10, for realising Rs 10, and avoidable litigation," he said.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

SP movements in Central Region

PMG., Centra Region, Tiruchirappalli-620001 has issued the following Transfer & Posting orders in SP cadre on 12.12.2014

Sl No.
Name & Designation of the Officer  (S/Shri.)
Posted as
SP., PSD., Tiruchirappalli-620001
AD (BD)., O/o the PMG., Central Region, Tiruchirappalli-620001
Senior Postmaster,
Tiruchirappalli HO-620001
AD (Mails)., O/o the PMG., Central Region, Tiruchirappalli-620001
AD (Mails)., O/o the PMG., Central Region, Tiruchirappalli-620001
AD((INV& RPLI)., O/o the PMG., Central Region, Tiruchirappalli-620001
AD((INV& RPLI)., O/o the PMG.,
Central Region, Tiruchirappalli-620001
SP., PSD.,

PMG., Centra Region, Tiruchirapalli-620001 has issued the following Posting orders in SP cadre (Adhoc arrangements) on 12.12.2014.

Sl No.
Name & Designation of the Officer     (S/Shri.)
Posted as
ASP., Erode North Sub Division, ERODE-638001
SP., Karur Division, Karur-639001
Salem Jn RMS.  SALEM-636001
Senior Postmaster,

Our Association coveys its heartfelt “GREETINGS”  to all officers.

Dte called APARs for the promotion of Private Secretary Gaz

Thursday, December 11, 2014

This post office in Kerala delivers mail to God

It is a unique post office, and one of its main tasks is to deliver letters to God.
Located near the famed Hindu temple at the Sabarimala hills, the post office may perhaps be the only one in the country which doesn't work round the year. It comes alive when the peak pilgrimage season of the Ayyappa shrine begins on the first day of the Malayalam month in November, and the period ends towards the middle of January.
The post office is also open for 10 days during the Vishu season.
Functioning six days a week from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, the six employees, led by 23-year-old Sai G. Prakash, have a lot to do.
Prakash is happy to be here, and says he was a devotee of Lord Ayyappa.
"Our post office mostly gets invitation cards for weddings and shop openings addressed to Lord Ayyappa, obviously to seek divine blessings," Prakash told IANS.
Most such mail come from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, he said.
But the three letter boxes kept in the temple complex get more than post cards and envelopes. Every morning, the staff find scores of identity cards and wallets too in them.
"We make it a point to mail these cards to the individuals concerned," Prakash said. The employees often spend their own money to do this.
"Since this season began, I have posted close to 20 PAN cards to the income tax office."
Police say all this is the work of pickpockets who operate in the temple town -- crowded during the pilgrimage season.
The criminals pocket the money from the wallets and dump the cards -- and wallets -- in the post boxes.
Situated in the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats at 914 metres above sea level, the Sabarimala temple is four kilometres uphill from Pamba in Pathanamthitta district, around 100 km from Thiruvananthapuram.
The temple is accessible only on foot from Pamba.
During the last pilgrimage season, more than 4.5 million devotees visited the shrine. This season the authorities expect a 10 percent increase.
A feature of the post office is the special pictorial cancellation stamp of the 18 steps that led to the Lord Ayyappa shrine.
"Some devotees come and buy covers or cards and write their own address and post them here," said Prakash. "This is their souvenir."
The post office helps pilgrims to post 'appom' and 'aravana' (the temple prasad). It also sells mobile recharge coupons.
Of the six employees, three walk down the hill daily carrying the outgoing mail on their heads. When they walk up, they carry bags of mail -- mostly addressed to Lord Ayyappa.
"Overall we enjoy what we do here," said Prakash. "We are very happy we got this posting."

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